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How We Work
Magento Freight Solutions is fully fledged e-commerce Solutions Company offering range of services that will help your online business reach the top. All work is done and managed in house by a very skilled and experienced team.If you would like to know more about the services we offer get in touch with us now via contact details listed.

Why Use It

Our shipping extension helps both customer and site owners alike.

Customers Site Owners
  • Get an instant quote
  • Pick the cheapest carrier
  • Make a booking online
  • Make payment via secure payment gate way
  • Track a parcel
  • Have access to the leading carriers in Australia and internationally
  • No need to worry about shipping
  • Process order in a few clicks
  • Have access to leading couriers in Australia and overseas
  • Focus on your core business
  • Save time
  • Work on increasing profits

Magento Freight Solutions is powered by Couriers and Freight a leading shipping business based in Australia.

About Couriers and Freight

Couriers and Freight is a full service freight management and consolidated billing system. logo_candfYou can be a one off user or a regular shipper Couriers and Freight has got a solution for your individual transportation needs.

With Couriers and Freight you get to make all the decisions. You get to pick the service. You get to pick the carrier. You are in total control.

Couriers and Freight gives you many courier services for you to choose from such as

  • Local/Express Interstate couriers
  • Australia Wide Couriers
  • International Couriers
  • Excess Baggage Services
  • Freight Insurance

There are many courier tools as well on offer that will make transportation of your goods more easy and efficient.

  • Get a Quote
  • Book a Shipment
  • Track a Parcel

When you pick Couriers and Freight as your courier partner you will have access to some of the leading couriers both in Australia and around the world. Plus courier tools that will make it easy to send and receive your goods.If you like to know more about the courier services on offer at Couriers and Freight visit our website.

We have implemented our shipping extension on some of the leading Australian online retailers and e-bay traders that have helped bring success to their online business. Magento Freight Solutions is a cutting edge e-commerce solutions company. Your e-commerce site is the face your business and we are committed to giving you an efficient e-commerce solution.

If you like to know more about the e-commerce solutions we have on offer contact us now.